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Management Team

Meir Bass, General Manager

Meir Bass was appointed as General Manager of QualiTech in May 2012.

Meir Bass brings with him 20 years of extensive experience in Marketing, R&D, Program management and Professional Services management. Prior to joining QualiTech Meir Bass served in several executive positions in the Telecom and Energy industries, including at ECI Telecom, the last of which He was Vice President of Integrated Network Solutions.

Meir holds a B.Sc. EE. and an Executive MBA degrees, both from Tel Aviv University.


Avishay Helbitz, Sales & Marketing Manager  

Avishay Helbitz is Sales & Marketing Manager of QualiTech, since January 2009.

Avishay joined ECI Telecom at 1994, after 11 years of Military R&D Mechanical Design leader at Astronautics.

His first roll at ECI for 5 years was on Production division as Mechanical department manager.

 In 1998, Avishay established the HALT & HASS Laboratory at ECI. He was one of the pioneer’s in Israel specializing at HALT methodology with knowledge via ASTR & HOBBS courses in USA.


Avishay is an Expert at the HALT & HASS technique for product reliability improvement.

Avishay has more than 30 years’ experience at the Hi-Tech market with excellent reputation.


Avishay has a B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Tel Aviv University & MBA at Heriot-watt Edinburgh.



Carlos Guerrero ENV and HALT Labs manager

In charge of lab operation and product compliance engineering, act as technical director for product compliance and reliability for product in different disciplines.

Elie is a licensed Electrical Engineer and has a MBA degree from Heriot Watt University.

Elie has more than 25 years of experience in compliance Engineering and testing. In commercial and military fields. Has broad knowledge in EMC, Safety, reliability, NEBS and other…

The accumulated knowledge started for the Israeli Navy service in projects management through 10 years in the product compliance and regulatory at Telrad Networks with the knowhow of Nortel networks. He gain experience in working with the leading labs in the world UL, TUV, MET, NTS and more.

Elie has recognition among the different compliance engineering societies.


Rami Nataf- EMC, Radio & Safety Labs Manager

Rami Nataf is in charge of the QualiTech EMC, Radio & Safety Laboratories , ECI Telecom.

Before joining ECI telecom in the year 2000, he worked in various renowned institutes and companies like SII and Audiocodes as EMC Test Engineer and compliance engineer for five years, gathering varied and extensive experience in the compliance field.  Simultaneously he also acquired his practical electronic & electricity engineering degree and his B.A Degree in Business Administration from Open University. He joined ECI Telecom as a senior EMC test engineer and later as the Lab Operation Manager, was responsible for all major lab activities.

Rami has massive experience in EMC design and evaluation, with specialization in EMC tests, wireless, automotive, military testing and proficiency in providing consulting to create efficient time and cost effective solutions to resolve problems with EMC compliance.









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