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Mechanical Shock

Shock testing insures that your product will survive the different known shocks types


  1. Operational Shocks
  2. Ballistic Shock Test is a high-level generally single pulse shock
  3. HI-Impact Shock Test
  4. Crash Safety shock
  5. Ballistic Shock Test
  6. Bounce Shock
  7. Loose Cargo


On top of the above there are also Pulse type shapes for shocks. Shock Response Spectrums (SRS), triangle/sine/square wave shocks - that qualify product or components to meet some Safety or Reliability or transportation characteristics per different standards. We have in our facility Hydraulic, mechanical and ED shakers to perform the right Shock Pulse per your needs.


We are qualified to do for you the following STD and more…


MIL STD 810, IEC- 60721, DNV #2.4, ETSI 300 019, RTCA/DO-160, MIL-STD-202G UN Transport of dangerous goods and many others like DELL, IBM, HP..

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