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Temperature & Humidity

Temperature & Humidity

Temperature testing fall between two categories Qualification and Reliability Testing. QualiTech team will guide you in the most efficient process whatever are your needs!

Lab facility contains large number of Chambers different sizes from 3 Walk inn Chambers to components chambers. Chambers has different characteristics to meet your needs. Whether it is steady state temperature, Steady state Humidity and temperature, Damp heat cyclic or any other special environment…. Will help you define cycles parameters based on life profile and product structure.

We cover the following tests

          Temperature & humidity operation and storage

          Temperature & altitude. 

          Altitude decompression.                       

          Thermal shock cycling

          Damp heat cyclic test

          Unique temperature and humidity ENV simulation testing.

          Cold start, Cold plate simulation in ambient…    

          Solar loading.  

          Icing tests

 We are qualified to do for you the following STD and more…

ETSI , MIL STD 810 , IEC 60068 ,GR 63, GR 3108, GR 468 ASTM D 4169, HP, IBM, DELL and more….

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