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IP Code tests

IP Code tests

When it comes to IP testing! You can trust the QualiTech staff that has the leading experienced test engineers. Our facility is one constructed to provide response for the broad spectrum of the different STD and industry requirements.

The Ingress Protection (IP) test determines the suitability of equipment sealing to provide protection against water, external practical and team Jet. The impact test determines the ability of the enclosure to withstand Impact in Joules’ from specifics shape e.

Standards are divided into different groups

·         Ingress protection (water and parts).

·         Impacts.

·         Protection from items inside the enclosure to outside.(EEX)

 Many terms of degree of protection are used all over the world. We can help you to set some order or cross references. In this terms like Drip Proof xx°, Dust tight, Dust proof, Splash/rain proof, Spray tight, Submersible, water/rain tight, water resistance meters, Enclosures codes (IP XXX , NEMA 250, UL 50 & UL 508, IK , IPXXK ..Etc.)

We are qualified to do for you the following STD and more…

MIL STD 810 , MIL STD 108 ,IEC 60529, IEC 60945, IEC 60335, DIN 4050-9, ISO 20653, SII 981, IEC 62262 (IK) and more.

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