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Consultancy And Training

Consultancy And Training

Every client has different needs. For engineer that has recently got some compliance responsibilities may need a workshop on effective compliance. A team of engineers joining together on a design project may want a seminar Fire Spread Testing or EMC fundamentals to develop a better common understanding of this subject matter. A manufacturer may need a standard on-site training program for new compliance requirements for its various product lines.


QualiTech labs personnel offer a full range of training services to meet the various needs of all these different clients. We also provide custom-designed training programs for companies that want to offer on-site educational opportunities for their employees.


How Can QualiTech Help Me?


We provide training in all areas of product compliance. QualiTech staff has highly experienced compliance engineers; we bring in some of the most respected authorities in the business to provide specialized training in the following areas:


  • HALT/HASS techniques
  • Test planning for compliancy in all discipline
  • Advanced design seminars
  • Regulatory compliance processes


We can provide compliance training services in our site or at your site or ours. We also create custom training programs to meet a variety of engineering and regulatory objectives

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