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Military is one of the major industrial sectors at the Israeli army & security market. (Include I.A.I & I.M.I branches)

The Military equipment-products can be for Indoor or Outdoor application, and at static or dynamic field service. Both aspects have impact on the product qualification tests and standards. 


In most cases, the Military unit should withstand tests at three compliance Engineering tests Laboratories:

Environmental (ENV.) Lab., Electromagnetic (EMC) Lab., HALT & HASS Lab.


The qualification standards and tests are quite diversity;

·         ENV.:- Vibration, Temperature, Humidity , Altitude, Water & Dust protection, Salt spray, Transportation, thermal shock, mechanical shock, (gun-fire) and more per MIL-STD-810 standards. (Versions C,E,F,G)

·         EMC. – Radiation, Immunity, ESD, Voltage Fluctuation and more per MIL-STD-461,462 standards. (Versions C, D, E, F) and MIL-STD-704, (Versions A, B, C, D) & MIL-STD-1275 standards. (Versions A, B,).

·         HALT & HASS: - Most of the Military customers – End-Users & Manufacturers use this methodology for improving product reliability. It became very common at any Military Product SOW specification. 

QualiTech technical staffs have extremely experience and they obliged to consult the customers during product tests result deviation event. QualiTech labs’ have excellent reputation and customer orientation since year 2000.

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