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Power is one of the unique industrial sectors at the Israeli Hi-Tech, civil -consumer and Military market.

The Power sector is divided to two typical segments:

1.      Power at units-modules level, focused on power supply products for all applications – as AC-to-DC  or  DC-to-DC

2.      Power at Energy Systems level, focused on saving energy, green would   products for all kind of applications (solar / wind / other- energy production systems)

The power supply units can be tested as standalone unit or can be tested at the system level qualification (in which the power supply is integrated) – The tests standards are according to the system application, therefore the Testing might be per commercial standard or per military standard depends on the field service application.


The Energy systems are mostly outdoor units in which the unit is exposing to variety of ENV. & EMC. Stress conditions. Starting at severe climatic ambient, including Radiation and needs to long life field durability service.


In most cases, the Power unit should withstand tests at four compliance Engineering tests Laboratories:

Environmental (ENV.) Lab., Electromagnetic (EMC) Lab., Product Safety Lab., HALT & HASS Lab.


The qualification standards and tests are quite diversity;

·         ENV.:- Vibration, Temperature, Humidity , I.P. grade Salt spray, UV Radiation,  and more per IEC , ETSI, ASTM NEBS (GR-63) Telcordia, and MIL-STD-810  standards (Versions E,F,G,H,)

·         EMC. – Radiation, Immunity, ESD , Voltage Fluctuation and more per IEC ,EN,  NEBS (GR-1089) Telcordia,  AS/NZS, CAN/USA & FTZ  and can be per  MIL-STD-461,462 standards. , MIL-STD-704, 1275 standards.

·         Safety: - Product failure Hazard via User Safety especially for Power Supply units per EN & UL Standards (per 60950or 61010) for CE and TUV marks.

·          HALT & HASS: - Most of the power customers – End-Users & Manufacturers use this methodology for improving product reliability. It helps to achieve long field service without maintenance problematically. 


QualiTech technical staffs have extremely experience and they obliged to consult the customers during product tests result deviation event. QualiTech labs’ have excellent reputation and customer orientation since year 2000.

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