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Food & Water Equipment

Food accessories & devices are one of the developed industrial sectors at the Israeli Hi-Tech market.

The Food equipment-products can be used at two modes: For Household environment – personal usage or for public & industrial environment – it mainly effect the product safety testing


In most cases, the Food device units should withstand tests at four compliance Engineering tests Laboratories:

Environmental (ENV.) Lab., Electromagnetic (EMC) Lab., Product Safety Lab., HALT & HASS Lab.


The qualification standards and tests are quite diversity;

·         ENV.:- Vibration, Temperature, Humidity , I.P. grade Salt spray, immersion test Transportation and more per IEC , ETSI, ASTM standards

·         EMC. – Radiation, Immunity, ESD , Voltage Fluctuation , and more per IEC ,EN AS/NZS, CAN/USA & FTZ  standards

·         Safety: - Food machinery Product safety testing to insure User Safety per IEC, EN, UL, and Household Standards (mostly per 60335) for CE and TUV marks.

·         HALT & HASS: - few of the Food unit’s customers – developers & Manufacturers use this methodology for improving product reliability. It became more common at any food equipment Product SOW specification


QualiTech technical staffs have extremely experience and they obliged to consult the customers during product tests result deviation event. QualiTech labs’ have excellent reputation and customer orientation since year 2000.

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