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Electrical Cert 1663.01

Telecommunication Tests


QualiTech EMC-RFI-ESD Consulting & Technical Support Laboratory is specialist at follow-up projects, starting at preliminary concept definitions, via R&D stages till Final Product Qualification & Certification testing. The Technical staff has plenty of experience regarding European CE & American NEBS compliance testing, combined with Environmental testing per Compliance International Standards. In addition, The Laboratory has unique knowledge at Data, Timing & Optical issues on Electrical /optical Telecom lines.

The Consulting & Support Laboratory is accredited per ISO17025 by A2LA – the American Laboratories Association


The Labs’ Expertise Subjects are:




R&D Project Technical Escorting – to withstand EMC &Product Safety standards per directives.

Testing & product repair consulting-after Standard Israeli Institute incoming inspection deviation

Anechoic chamber Verification testing to established configuration before final Qualification test (ESD, , Conducted Emission, etc...)


Products standardization compatibility testing on controlled Temperature ambient :






Data Interface:


Fast Ethernet E/O 

Giga bit Ethernet E/O 

10GBE Optical 

Fiber channel


Optical test:

Amplifiers, Transponders. Combiners, Mux/Demux, ROADMs 

SDH, SONET, OTN interfaces 10GBE Optical


PDH interfaces: 


From E1 to STM1E


Gabriel Miodusar - The Consulting & Technical Support Laboratory manager has 25 Years experiences of characterizing, developing, and Qualification testing of variety Telecom & Industrial products Gabriel Mioduser – contact details: Tel: 03-9287270, Cellular: 050-7057270, Gabriel.Mioduser@ecitele.com

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