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HALT & HASS Lab (Enlarge)

QualiTech's HASS & HALT Laboratory offers tests by the overstress methodology as the best and most efficient method to improve reliability and as a quality control tool.

The professional team of QualiTech's HASS & HALT Laboratory offers you test services starting from the early development stages of your product (HALT), to detect defects intrinsic to the design and technology. The HALT process is quick compared to test methods done using conventional measures, and in most cases it is also more efficient. The quick identification of defects in early stages of the design allow you to complete the design more quickly and at a lower cost.

In the production phase, the professional team of QualiTech's HALT & HASS Laboratory will assist you in the characterization of the most efficient screening and control process (HASS) for you product. The unique screening tests specifically tailored to the capabilities of your product  enable to detect problems stemming from the production process, without affecting the reliability of  the product.

The professional team of QualiTech's HALT & HASS Laboratory conducts the tests using unique state of the art test chambers. The professional team will guide you, assist in the characterization of tests and accompany their performance to you satisfaction. 

QualiTech's HALT & HASS Laboratory is accredited to ISO17025 by a2La and it is the most experienced laboratory in Israel, having vast experience since 1999, with tests conducted on more than 1000 different hi-tech products.  Our professional and experienced team will be glad to test your products and is prepared to tackle any challenge. Our lab provides personal assistance and recommendations for solution for problems encountered during and after the test.

Our professional team is lead by Elie Avital:

Eli, an electrical engineer who graduated from the Technion extension of the Ben Gurion University, and holder of MBA degree from the Heriot Watt University in Scotland, has more than 25 years of experience, including many years of service as a project manager in the Israeli Navy and standardization engineer at Telrad, with knowledge gained from Nortel. 

As the QualiTech HALT & HASS laboratory manager, Elie brings his vast experience gained on standardization engineering, reliability engineering, EMC, safety, thermal engineering, qualification tests, tests by military standards and more, providing recommendation to the laboratory customers on the relevant tests necessary for their specific product, as well as other tests not under the standards, but necessary for reliability test in the real work environment of the product.

Elie and his team do their work with integrity and enthusiasm, providing all lab customers with a pleasant atmosphere.

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